Five Practical Tips for when Business seems quiet.

We all have those days, weeks and months where you are so busy with work that you wonder how you will ever get it all done and keep your customers happy. But then comes the quiet period where business slows, and you wait for the phone to ring or an email to come through. Whether it is due to economic, social, or environmental impacts, there are always things to do during this time. Remember that it is normal for things to fluctuate, however, if you are seeing a consistent downward trend, tumbleweeds are rolling through the office and hearing crickets when it comes to the phone ringing, here are five low-cost ideas you can look at doing to help your business.

1. The first one is networking – this is very important.
Quiet periods can be a great opportunity to reach out and make new connections. When you expand your network you can get access to valuable opportunities and resources and stay updated on industry trends. You might want to reconnect with past clients, attend networking groups, and build your network of complementary businesses. Referrals will come naturally from people who already know what you offer, and trust your business. You might even find connections to collaborate on potential new projects with other like-minded individuals. Don’t forget to share any promotional material, this is a valuable networking tool and will reflect your brand image to others.

      2. Take some time to think about the current services and products you offer, can they be updated to better service the current market?
      One way to generate more business is by building packages of existing products; for example, for products or services that are normally sold separately, you could pair them up to create a value-based package. Or are there any new products or services that you can add to your existing offers? This is a good time to think about ways you could improve what you offer.

      3. Promotions are a great way to help your business, so why not run a promotion that is date-specific?
      This results in people taking action. It could be a special bonus, a unique service you don’t intend to provide on an ongoing basis, or even a flash sale. You can use social media, newsletters, leaflet drops and your website to help promote this package or service. Use this quiet time as a chance to explore different types of promotions and see what works.  

      4. Databases help build a genuine relationship with your customers, so it’s a good idea to review your database, checking it is up-to-date and current.
      Make sure when customers visit your website, it is clear and easy for them to sign up for future communications. To grow your database and showcase your business, think about producing a valuable resource/lead magnet like a “Top tip guide” specific to your industry. You can give it away in exchange for an email address. Or even use incentives such as bonus content, and previews of new products or services to encourage existing and potential new customers to sign up fornewsletters.  When building your database, it is important to focus on your relationship with your customers. Once you have forged a strong bond with them, offered incentives and built loyalty to your brand, your customers will keep coming back for more.

      5. Finally, review your current brand assets and your marketing strategy:

      • Audit your website and social media posts to see if they reflect your business correctly.
      • Assess your marketing content across all your platforms to see if it still conveys the right message about your brand, and update if necessary.
      • Review your Google Analytics and social media trends; there might be insights into areas of potential growth that you have not thought of yet.
      • Look into any Facebook groups you can join and online directories. It is always important to keep interacting on your social media channels with your current audience, you don’t want to be forgotten or go by the wayside.
      • Word of mouth is arguably one of the best marketing tools you can have, so make sure to remind your customers to leave a review through platforms such as Google, and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

      If you need further assistance or an expert ear to bounce off your creative ideas, feel free to give me and the team a call today, and embrace these quiet times to your advantage!